The Which Bin Campaign

Watch as Vin and the family learn to recycle just a little bit better. Got questions? Give us a call 1300 137 118

Which Bin Episode 1
In which we meet Vin and family, as they learn to recycle better and 'which bin' to use.

Which Bin Episode 3
In which Vin embarrasses his daughter, and recycles 10c drink containers for fun and profit, all while delivering a pretty sweet rap for his homies at the depot.

Which Bin Episode 4
In which Vin's wife reveals he still has much to learn on his path to recycling enlightenment and true 'bin ninja' status. Nate gets words of wisdom from Vin, which may or may not make sense.

Which Bin Episode 5
In which Vin and Tina remind us never to place recycling in a plastic bag. Debate continues as to who is the best Bin Ninja in the house.

Which Bin Episode 6
In which Vin tests Nate's green bin knowledge, and Nate is welcomed to the family. How will this end for Nate?

Join Vin @ The Bin for some quick tips:

Vin @ The Bin #1
Food scraps should go in a compostable bag but...No logo? No go go!

Vin @ The Bin #2
Food scraps should go in the green bin to help reduce landfill.

Vin @ The Bin #3
Can I recycle my take away containers? Yes, Quick rinse and off to the yellow bin.

Vin @ The Bin #4
Working from home? Got shredded paper? Which bin is the best bin?